Badges for Excellence USSR

Badges for Excellence of the USSR - catalog badges of the World War II Soviet Union with photos, descriptions, history of their establishment and rewarding.

Marshal`s Star

Marshal`s Star
Guards unit
Guards unit1
The commander of the submarine
The commander of the submarine2
Excellent Sniper
Excellent Sniper3
Excellent Landmine Specialist
Excellent Landmine Specialist4
Excellent Submariner
Excellent Submariner5
Excellent Torpedo Specialist
Excellent Torpedo Specialist6
Excellent Artillery Personnel
Excellent Artillery Personnel7
Excellent Machinegunner
Excellent Machinegunner8
Excellent Tank Crew Personnel
Excellent Tank Crew Personnel9
Excellent Mortar Specialist
Excellent Mortar Specialist10
Excellent Combat Engineer
Excellent Combat Engineer11
Excellent Medic
Excellent Medic12

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