Order of Ushakov

The Order of Ushakov is a military decoration of the Soviet Union named in honor of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov who never lost a battle and was proclaimed patron saint of the Navy.

Dimensions Diameter 60 mm.
Materials 1st class: Platinum 25,0g. Gold 8,6g. Silver 13,0g. Weight 48,4g.
2nd class: Gold 25,4g. Silver 14,5g. Weight 42,2g.

Prices for Order of Ushakov

To date, prices for the Order of Ushakov start from:
Order of Ushakov 1st class 47 pcs. - 250000$
Order of Ushakov 2nd class 194 pcs. - 75000$
The price has been updated on: 19.09.2023 yr.

Order of Ushakov in the award system of the USSR

It is bestowed to command grade naval officers for outstanding leadership. The order was established in two classes during World War II by decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of March 3, 1944. The idea was given to Joseph Stalin by admiral Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov in the summer of 1943. The first Knight of the Order of Ushakov was Pavel Boltunov, Rear Admiral of Black Sea Navy. In total, the awards were awarded Order of Ushakov, 1st class - 47, second class - 194.

History Order of Ushakov

For two and a half years of the Second World War, 12 military awards were established. However, directly, only statute of Order Bogdan Khmelnitsky it was written that it could be awarded to soldiers and commanders of USSR Navy, in other cases, the mention of seamen was limited only to specific combat situations.

It cannot be said that the naval command did not receive the order, for outstanding actions commanders of Navy were awarded orders established earlier. However, admirals wanted to have their own orders dedicated to the great Russian naval commanders, because by that time, in the award system, there were already 4 orders created in honor of great army generals.

In 1944, two Orders were created, Ushakov and Order of Nakhimov for the awarding of commanders of Navy, by analogy with army orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov, they received their statute. Order Ushakov was an analogue of the Order of Suvorov, and was awarded for exceptional leadership in combat operations, and Order of Nakhimov became a maritime analogue of the Order of Kutuzov.

The Order of Ushakov 1st class was of multi part construction consisting of a five pointed star struck from platinum, an oxidised silver anchor and chain secured to the platinum star with four rivets, and a circular central medallion struck from gold superimposed on the anchor and bearing the relief image of admiral Ushakov, the background being covered in dark blue enamel, around the admiral's head, the inscription in gilt letters «АДМИРАЛ УШАКОВ» (ADMIRAL USHAKOV), below the admiral, laurel and oak branches bisected by the hammer and sickle. The central medallion was secured to the platinum star by two rivets and surrounded by a gilt rope. On the reverse, a threaded screw and a 33 mm in diameter nut arrangement for attachment to clothing. The award serial number was hand etched in the lower part. The Order 2nd class differed from the 1st class in the materials used in its construction, its five pointed star was made of gold while the anchor and central medallion were of silver and the oak and laurel branches were omitted.

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