Order of Kutuzov

The Order of Kutuzov is a Soviet military decoration to reward senior officers of the Red Army for skillful avoidance of enemy attacks and successful counter attacks.

Order of Kutuzov 1 photo

Dimensions 1-2 class - Diameter 50 mm. 3 class - 44 mm.
Materials 1 class: Gold 19,9g. Silver 18,9g. Weight 42g.
2 class: Silver 36,2g. Weight 37,3g.
3 class: Silver 24,2g. Weight 26,2g.

Artist Moskalov Nikolay.

photography Order of Kutuzov 2 class

Prices for Order of Kutuzov

To date, prices for the Order of Kutuzov start from:
Order of Kutuzov 1 class:
1942-43 Type 1 ribbon bar ≈85 pcs. - 120000$
1943-91 Type 2 screw fastening ≈590 pcs. - 40000$
Order of Kutuzov 2 class:
1942-43 Type 1 ribbon bar ≈250 pcs. - 35000$
1943-91 Type 2 screw fastening ≈3076 pcs. - 8000$
Order of Kutuzov 3 class:
1943 Type 1 ribbon bar ≈300 pcs. - 15000$
1943-91 Type 2 screw fastening ≈3028 pcs. - 6000$
The price has been updated on: 19.09.2023 yr.

The Order of Kutuzov was established in three classes: 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class. General Ivan Galanin who distinguished himself during the Battle of Stalingrad became the first recipient of the Order 1st class. During World War II, 669 Orders of Kutuzov 1st class were awarded.

The Order 2nd class was awarded to 3,325 corps, division, and brigade commanders. The Order 3rd class was awarded to regimental commanders, their chiefs of staff, battalion and company commanders. 3,328 3rd class orders were awarded.

Order of Kutuzov in the award system of the USSR

History Order of Kutuzov

Order of Kutuzov 3 class

An interesting point in its establishment is that this is the only order in the award system USSR, different class of which were established at different times. Order of Kutuzov 1st and 2nd class was established during the German-Soviet War by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of July 29, 1942, the Order 3rd class was only established on February 8, 1943.

If the Order of Suvorov, according to its statute, was awarded primarily for outstanding leadership leading to a combat victory, then the Order of Kutuzov, on the contrary, for skillful avoidance of enemy attacks and successful counter attacks.

The Order of Kutuzov is a five-pointed star in the form of diverging rays, in the center there is a circle with the image of Mikhail Kutuzov on background of Kremlin tower, along a circle with inscription «Михаил Кутузов» (Mikhail Kutuzov). From the circle, silver beams of rays diverge, just as a wreath of wreaths of laurel and oak leaves distinguishes the first class. Material for the Order of the first class was selected gold, Order of Kutuzov 2 and 3 class was made of silver.

Prince Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov, 5 September 1745 – 16 April 1813 was a Field Marshal of the Russian Empire. He served as one of the finest military officers and diplomats of Russia under the reign of three Romanov Tsars: Catherine II, Paul I and Alexander I. His military career was closely associated with the rising period of Russia from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Kutuzov is considered to have been one of the best Russian generals.

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